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Should your nonprofit hire a grant writer who is certified?

As nonprofits review the credentials and experience of grant writerswhether they’re looking to bring one in-house or hire a freelancer—the question of certification may come up. Some grant writers, including some on our team, tout their certification among their credentials.
So what does that mean, and is it important?
The answer isn’t a short one, but here’s the rundown: Unlike doctors and lawyers, there is no one certifying body for grant writers. As such, there are tons of organizations and schools offering grant writing certification, after training and passing a test. They vary in rigorousness and complexity.
Can a person be a great grant writer without a certification? Yes, absolutely, and many fit just that description. So, nonprofits: Rather than asking a grant writer if they are certified, ask about their relevant experience, knowledge, and successes.
And grant writers, take note. While certification can be a resume-booster and a great way to continue your education, it’s not necessary or required to write grants, and write them well.

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